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Plastic Magazine

September 2022


"Led by his impassioned vocals, carrying memorable melodic lines, “Not For Me” is a stunning debut effort from an artist with a lot to offer."

Illustrate Magazine

September 2022


"Not For Me is a song about love and hope as well as a reflection of the things we once had and occasionally missed."

Indie Boulevard

August 2022


"Recently introduced to the Netherland singer songwriter, Indie Boulevard was able to ask Mike some questions about him and his music."

Headbangers News Indica

July 2022, Jéssica Mar


"With this song, we have a captivating sound based on alternative rock with mesmerising vocals."

Roadie Music Magazine

July 2022, Fabiano Menon


"Dutch singer Mike Pasarella has just released one of the most beautiful singles ever made this year."

The Other Side Reviews

July 2022, Claudia


"Against the acoustic opening line, Pasarella’s vocals flow out with a poetic edge."

The European Times

July 2022, Bro O'Sullivan


"That’s a first single like we’d love to hear more often. I just ran into it at random, browsing Spotify looking for some good new stuff, and I’ve been surprised."

Find no Enemy

July 2022


"The first single from Mike Pasarella is a return to the stylistic sensibilities of a classic rock tune."

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What people say about #notforme

I love the powerful beat and music of the song! -hydro beats

Very great song, I will play it more often! -ramon

I'm really enjoying the vocals, very expressive, the emotion behind them feels real. -irena

Love the song -itslittlevoice

What a lovely atmosphere and so nice to hear you sing. Love it. -lakshmi